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Sofi Franzén is an entrepreneur who creates strong customer relations and high customer satisfaction, whist at the same time grows sales and profits.

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Sofi’s biggest achievements

  1. To have built a company from net sales of 0 to 16 million dollars. The work was of course performed together with amazing colleagues, and maybe the greatest accomplishment really was to identify and succeed in attracting the talents that could flourish together in the company.
  2. When I won the CEO of the Year award in 2018 after being a finalist for three years. For me, this award was confirmation that the hard work we had put in at the company together was the right investment.
  3. To have been the Head of Event, City, and Partners at SVT during Eurovision 2016, which earned the City of Stockholm a return of around three times the investment.

Sofi’s beliefs

  1. By being clear about our objectives, we become better both as meeting organisers and leaders — and being clear means different things to different target groups. Mastering the art of adapting the message to the audience is what makes a leader or meeting organiser the most successful.

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About Sofi

Sofi Franzén is an entrepreneur who creates strong customer relations and high customer satisfaction, whist at the same time grows sales and profits.

She can help you answer: How do you create a company culture that brings success, but is also healthy, in an increasingly demanding environment? How can the goals of the individual be combined with those of the team and the company? And how do you establish a feedback culture?

At the age of 24, Sofi became a manager of her own company and has learnt by daring to try, daring to make mistakes, and daring to ask for feedback. Sofi can share experiences and also provides tools for communication and target management from her training in NLP and mental training.

Today her company Eventyr is a strong brand with a great reach across social channels. The company has a turnover of over 16 million dollars with 34 permanent employees plus about 50 part-timers. The customers are mainly large Swedish companies. The assignments range from strategic consulting on meeting communications to building solutions for increased engagement and international meetings for several thousand participants. Above all, the company is well known for its warm and open culture.


  • Building high-performing teams
  • Building successful teams
  • Communication
  • Communicative leadership
  • Culture
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Meetings and events
  • Strategy

Career highlights

  • EVENTYR - En av Sveriges största event och kommunikationsbyråeVD & Grundare, 1995 -
  • FOUNDERS ALLIANCEFörebildsentreprenör, 2016 -
  • 17 NÄTVERKET - Inspirerande kvinnliga entreprenörsförebilderInvald medlem, 2018 -




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