Pernilla Nissler

Change leader driving change through people and culture

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Pernilla is a committed leader whom enthuses her team. She always has her eyes locked on the goal towards which she leads passionately to build strong client focussed teams. Pernilla is convinced great leadership results in high employee commitment which is the ultimate prerequisite for extraordinary results. Her absolute enjoyment is driving change through people and culture.

Expert and consultant in

  • Change leader – through people and culture
  • Transparent leadership – to dare, to grow
  • Results driven and empathetic business thinking

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Pernilla’s biggest achievements

  1. The Tele2 and TDC acquisition — responsible for merging two former competitors. A journey to integrate a tech transformation, means of work and founding the right culture including the relationships between business, client and employees.
  2. As CEO at Blocket Pernilla brought back growth to the company and renewed the company culture on the way.
  3. Future proofed the Skincity business by instigating a merger with Kicks resulting in the establishment of Kicks Group.

Pernilla’s beliefs

  1. Walk the talk - all change starts at the top! Enable the change through your own leadership. Set the targets, be transparent and give mandate to your team and sustainable business achievements will be the result as the foundation has been set and your committed team delivers.
  2. Go to bed with a clean leadership conscience- regardless the circumstances; lead transparently and empathetically
  3. Dare to make the tough decisions - some may be hard to take, as well as execute, however all so necessary. Dare to do it!

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About Pernilla

Pernilla is a change leader. Her leadership style is highly committed and passionately driven towards clear set goals towards which she leads her team to build a strong client focussed culture. She is convinced
great leadership results in high comployee commitment which is a prerequisite to achieve extraordinary results. This is the environment she enjoys the most – to drive change through people and culture. Pernilla is a committed leader whom enthuses!

Her leadership is founded on a framwork made up of responsibility and courage which, according to her, is where the sweet spot amongst the two create magic. As a leader you are the one who make the decisions on overarching changes, expansions and downsizing. It takes couraget to execute.

Pernilla has multiple years of experience in handling complex situations in large corporations including mergers, integration, transformation and change regardless it being a matter of up- or downsizing. Not to forget the plethora of experience she has gained from conveying both positive and negative messages to people in 1:1 or larger audiences over the years.

Regardless if you are about to enter the storm, or recently came out of one – Pernilla is your pillar to lean on for the next step!


  • Conflict management
  • Expansion
  • Upscaling of companies



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