Anna Serner

Value and purpose driven change expert and manager

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Anna is a manager who takes on complex challenges. She is motivated by combining a specific goal with a higher purpose, and in this process, creates meaningfulness and commitment.

Expert and consultant in

  • Purpose driven leadership
  • Company culture and core values
  • Leadership coaching

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Anna’s biggest achievements

  1. Making it into The Wrap's "Top 10 Innovators of the Year” ranking in 2019, during her work as CEO of the Swedish Film Institute.
  2. Involved in pursuing a strategic effort at the Swedish Film Institute, which brought the organisation from what resembled a number of “separate culture hubs” to what is now a professional cultural institution showing public authority.
  3. During the pandemic, Anna and her colleagues at the Film Institute managed to secure SEK 1.1 billion (around 100 million US dollars) for the film industry from the government's crisis funds. Not a single operator in the film industry has declared bankruptcy.

Anna’s beliefs

  1. Work in a purpose driven way with something that contributes to a better society.
  2. Leadership is based on trust in colleagues.
  3. Working with sustainability is a success factor, both for society and for companies and organisations.

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About Anna

Anna is a manager who takes on complex challenges. She is motivated by combining a specific goal with a higher purpose, and in this process, creates meaningfulness and commitment.

Her experience, energy, and genuine commitment to achieving better results through enhanced equality and inclusion, allow her to challenge the most rigid rules to achieve change. Through her efforts to turn business leaders into conscious co-creators of change processes, she deepens the understanding of purpose, ambition, and loyalty in organisations.

Anna can give practical guidance to CEOs who are facing challenges in getting a loyal and trust driven team together, or are looking to change the perception of an organisation.

For management teams or the board, Anna is the person you want around to share ideas on how to create an organisation with the courage to implement change management that aims for success. Anna can also act as an excellent adviser to middle managers who need tools and support in developing purely operational action plans towards integration and equality in the workplace.

Anna is a social and confidence inspiring person. She is driven by a strong sense of justice with equality, integration, trust, and loyalty.

Anna’s career has its roots in her education in the fields of film studies and law. She has since then held a number of senior positions, including as CEO and board member in large and established Swedish companies and institutions. With extensive experience both as the face of public affairs and of fundamental transformations of large organisations, Anna has a very broad expertise in leadership.

Anna enjoys spending her free time with her daughter and partner who own a vineyard, where Anna is also chair of the board. She is also busy organising dinners, or going to the movies, concerts or other cultural events, and is training to be a sommelier. A perfect balance between family and work.


  • Company culture and core values
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Equality and diversity in practice
  • Inclusion
  • Lobbying
  • Organisational transformation
  • Public affairs
  • Purpose driven leadership



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